Brightbox Lighting is a lighting technology company, offering design services, e-commerce and advice to clients, as well as anyone with an interest in installing affordable designer lighting in their own home. Andrew Smith is an independent lighting designer with 30 years of experience in the industry, specialising in the design of interior and exterior lighting for prestige residential and commercial properties. Now, he has joined forces with Brightbox Lighting, and the future is certainly bright for these combined powerhouses, helping people to live in their best light.

Our mission is to provide the best resource to timelessly accentuate architecture through light, ensuring all who experience Brightbox feel balanced,present and inspired in the environment created.

  • Entertainment lighting living space


    Having friends & family visit our homes is a concept that we're still getting used to once again. It's the ideal time to put more focus on our favourite parts of our homes. A well placed ceiling pendant or table lamp can create a more comforting and welcoming atmosphere that sets the mood perfectly for any occasion

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  • Man and woman cooking in kitchen

    Heart of the Home

    For most of us, returning home after a long day, we usually head straight to the Kitchen. This space most commonly associated with cooking, but can actually become a social area. A carefully lit kitchen can completely change the experience of cooking in this area, whether it's for family, friends or even a midnight snack!

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  • Nighttime stair path lighting


    Lighting can completely transform your exterior space, making it an extended room of your house and increasing its potential for practical use. It can highlight key features, or create distance – making the garden area feel larger and setting the mood at the same time.
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  • Bathroom wall lighting


    Getting the lighting right in the bathroom can create more flattering skin tones and even body shapes – it's all about the feel good factor! And, of course, as a place of both practicality and ambiance, it is important to have scenes of lighting to compliment both

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  • bedside lamp and table


    The bedroom isn't just the space that we sleep in, it's how we start and end our day. We don't always put enough significance on how much this effects our mood and health. Utilising circadian friendly lighting in the right way not only makes an ambient area to relax after a long day, it helps towards getting better sleep and waking up feeling more rejuvenated.
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  • modern designed living room with flood downlights across wall


    Your Living room might not always be a place of peace & quiet, but it should feel that way when you want it to. It's not easy to create a beautifully lit space when this room could be used for pretty much anything; be it entertaining children, or watching the latest blockbuster. Scene set lighting can completely change your living space at anytime at the push of a button.
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