Your Living room might not always be a place of peace & quiet, but it should feel that way when you want it to. Its not easy to create a beautifully lit space when this room could be used for pretty much anything, be it entertaining children or watching the latest blockbuster. Scene set lighting can completely change your living space at anytime at the push of a button

Open Plan

Living Space

Depending on the style of your living room, your choice for lighting may differ greatly. A large, open plan living space may want to be brightly lit to reflect the size of the space, whereas a smaller, cosy living room may create more atmosphere using focal lighting and downlighting. 

Focal Lighting

Side Table Lighting

By contrast to lighting a whole space, sometimes a change in atmosphere is pivotal. It may be necessary to use focal lighting as a way of dimming the brightness of the space, drawing attention to a specific part of the room, or perhaps as a way of bringing a calming feel to slowly draw an evening to a close.


Focus on a space

You may have a certain area of the living room/ relaxation space that you want to focus on or draw attention to. Gathering several recessed spotlights in one space (in the ceiling or wall) can highlight your choice of focused area, perhaps to highlight a Television, a piece of art or a beautiful plant.

Accent lighting

Home cinema

A home cinema is often a luxurious space, and a wonderful room to truly enjoy the latest Blockbusters with friends and family. If you want to turn the luxury up a notch, consider using accent lighting (particularly LED strip lighting) to frame the screen, or other areas of the room.