As humans, we spend a third of our life sleeping, which means an incredible amount of time in the bedroom, recharging and rejuvenating our body and mind. The bedroom can be a place of calm, a place to unwind and a place to unpack the day gone by with a loved one. It's also where we prepare for the day ahead, therefore you may want lighting that changes to reflect the time of the day, and the atmosphere that you are wanting to create in the space. 

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Pendants Table & Floor

Wall lighting

Winding down for bed

Unlike most other rooms in the home, the bedroom is usually our space for waking up each morning, and winding down for sleep, so it's not a place where we want to brightly lit at all times. Having the option for calm, low lighting may come in the form of warmly light wall light, lighting either upwards or downwards.

Focal lighting

Table and floor lighting

Similarly to bedroom wall lighting, in contrast to lighting a whole space it may be necessary to use focal lighting as a way of dimming the brightness of the space, to allow for a calming experience when waking up , as well as winding down for sleep.


Lighting up the room

Sometimes we may want our bedroom to be brightly lit, so that we can decide on an outfit for the day, perhaps style our hair or just to bring light to the space. Consider a hanging pendant light, or chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, to cast light across the entire room.