Bathrooms have the potential to be as beautiful and calming as a professional spa. You may opt for a brightly lit bathroom that refreshes both your body and your mind with its impressive lighting. Alternatively, you may choose a slightly more calming, low lit space with LED strip lighting below the basin and around the mirror. Or, you might choose a bit of both! Lighting can completely change a space, and you may want a bathroom that can wake you up in the morning, yet offer the option for a calming, low lit relaxation station.

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Well placed spotlights in the bathroom can truly brighten the space and bring a refreshing feel to your morning or evening routine, particularly if your bathroom does not have any natural light via a window. Looking at ourselves in the mirror is a lot easier if we are well lit!

Wall Lighting


Why not add some ambience to your shower space using accent lighting in shelving, or strategically placed spotlights? Having a dimmer option within the bathroom for shower time may help to ease you awake in the morning, or aid the feeling of sleepiness in the evening.

Accent Lighting

Mirror, Mirror, On the wall...

Lighting rings around mirrors are very 'in' with people that post on social media, but this is not a new concept- think lighting around a bathroom mirror or a vanity cabinet! Lighting from directly in front of you can greatly help you to see a clear reflection of yourself, which is much more helpful for styling hair or applying make up than a spotlight above that might otherwise cast shadows across your face.

Accent Lighting

Bathroom basin unit

The basin or sink in your bathroom may benefit from some slightly different lighting to the rest of the space, to change the atmosphere or mood of the room. You may want the choice of having a slightly more low lit area of the bathroom while washing hands or brushing teeth, similarly to the shower this can help ease the morning wake up or calm the mind while preparing for sleep.