Lighting can completely transform your exterior space, making it an extended room of your house and increasing its potential for practical use. It can highlight key features, or create distance – making the garden area feel larger and setting a mood at the same time

Relevant Products


Exterior Uplighting

Brick lighting

You may want to light external areas of your property, either for aesthetically pleasing reasons, or as a way of safely guiding guests and visitors around your property. 


Entrance lighting

The entrance to our home is the pivotal opportunity to make an incredible first impression on guests and visitors. Our front door or porch space may have beautiful brick work, or lovingly kept plants, but they can't be seen after dusk unless they are lit. Uplighters are a fantastic way of drawing attention to the front of our homes!

Wall lighting


The possibility of creating a magnificent exterior atmosphere using wall lighting on your home is incredible! You may want to give a striking, impressive look to your property, or by contrast a calming, welcoming feel. The options are endless, and can completely change the first impression of your space.

Path Lighting

Light the way

Whether you have a short pathway from your drive to the front door, or a long winding walk throughout your gardens, lighting the way for family and guests to follow is not only safe, but can be visually stunning. Consider bollard, path or spike step lighting for your welcoming walkway.