Heart of the home

For most of us, returning home after a long day often directs us straight to the Kitchen. This simple space made for cooking is actually a social area for families and friends. A carefully lit kitchen can completely change the experience of cooking in this area, be it for family, friends or even a midnight snack for yourself.

Relevant Products

Pendants Downlights Accent


Dining table

The dining table is often the central part of the dining room, or at least a focal point if the space is an open plan living/ dining room. The dining table often brings a family together for evening dinner, or guests together at a dinner party- so why not give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere? This can be achieved using downlighting or pendants- perhaps one at the centre of the table, or three spread out along a rectangular table!

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Units

When creating culinary masterpieces, you want to be able to see what you're doing! Lighting kitchen units above a surface top can better enable the cooking, drink making and cleaning process. Want to add a little flare? Consider spotlights at the bottom of a kitchen unit also!

Pendant lighting

Breakfast Bar

Hanging lighting above a breakfast bar and/or kitchen table can beautifully draw the focus together of those sitting or eating at the table. By lighting a space from above in this way, not only can the furniture and food or drinks be a point of focus, but the atmosphere can be particularly calming.

Late Night Lighting


Using LED strip lighting or spotlights in a shelving unit is a stunning way of highlighting the items on show. Whether it's beautiful cocktail glasses, or collectors items, our eyes are naturally drawn to the point of light in a potentially otherwise dark space.