When we invite guests into our home to entertain them with an evening of drinks and dinner, or a weekend stay for a much needed catch up, we usually want our space to be presentable, and a reflection of us. A beautifully lit dining or living room may become a much loved social space for friends and family.

Relevant Products

Downlights Pendants

Open Plan Lighting

Dining/Living Area

By using specific choices for lighting throughout an entire room, the space can feel drawn together helping guests to all feel involved socially. Imagine having a large family all sat around a long dining table- it is just as important to keep the family 'head' of the table as well lit as their chosen opposite at the far end. Using well lit lighting in this way can help keep up the party atmosphere!


Lighting up the room

Sometimes we may want our dining room to be brightly lit, to bring light into the space, or add to any natural lighting. Consider a hanging pendant light, or chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, to cast light across the entire room.

Focal Lighting

Side Table Lighting

By contrast to lighting a whole space, sometimes a change in atmosphere is pivotal to an evening of entertaining. It may be necessary to use focal lighting as a way of dimming the brightness of the space, drawing attendees attention to a specific person or part of the room, or perhaps as a way of bringing a calming feel to slowly draw the party to a close.