Baffle- what is it?

Baffle- what is it?

Baffle refers to the trim typically found on recessed lighting fixtures. These are the most common trims used in residential homes. It is usually designed with concentric ridges in the interior to reduce glare as the light shines downward, while the inside surface is ribbed to trap and shape the light. 

What about other types of trim? We’ve compiled a list for you below! Not all of our products come with every option of the below trim styles, and some are listed here to assist you with design ideas, but if you’re looking for a specific type, feel free to give us a call and we can advise you on which product you’re looking for.

Reflector Trims are similar to baffle trims except they have a smooth surface inside.

Open Trims are low profile and economical. They fit tight around the lamp which sits flush with the ceiling.

 Eyeball Trims allow you to control the direction of the light. Their range of motion is typically 30° tilt and 359° rotation.

Gimbal Trims are similar to eyeballs except they pivot within the housing so they protrude less from the ceiling. Their range of motion is the same as the eyeball but at full range the trim may cut off part of the beam of a wide angle lamp.

Surface Adjustable Trims (also known as “elbow” or “scoop” trims) offer a maximum range of motion at 70° tilt and 359° rotation.


Slot Aperture Trims are ideal for concealing the light source in the ceiling. Their range of motion is 35° tilt and 179° rotation.

Pinhole Trims provide a tight punch of light from a concealed source. The aperture fits snug around the lamp which is recessed above the surface.

Lensed Trims have a plastic or glass lens that covers the lamp and are most often used in wet locations.

Wall Wash Trims have an eyelid which eliminates the “scallop” design typically created when a light is aimed directly at a wall.

Decorative Trims are available in many shapes and finishes and are usually constructed from a combination of metal and glass.